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  1. Why choose korean market?

On the last years, the Korean cosmetics developed so many brands that are very competitive on the Asian market and since 2010 is a Boom on the rest of the world.

The popularity of the Korean cosmetics rise too because of the K-Pop music and K-dramas, now present on most of the countries.

The fact that the singers, actresses and actors look so young and fresh, with an enviable skin and flawless makeup, almost invisible, grow the interest on the Korean cosmetics and Korean products.

The quality of the Korean cosmetics is also added because they use ecological ingredients. Because for Korean the outside aspect is very important, they pay a lot of attention to the quality of the cosmetics.

The market is big, also are many Korean brands that compete for a place, and so the price are more accessible and the quality sometimes is higher than some well know western cosmetics brands.

Don´t hesitate to try the Korean cosmetics, to share your opinion and send us any suggestion. Use the email, Facebook, Blog, Twitter and Instagram to find us.

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